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June 21
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Daisuke - Millennium-City App by 9J9 Daisuke - Millennium-City App by 9J9
Update: Fixed the legs and added more info!

Oh my gosh-- I spent a good three or four hours on this. But honestly, I had a bunch of fun making him! I was so surprised when I didn't see a Zubat. I was doodling him up at first planning to make him a librarian, but then I thought.. "Well, he looks so teacher-y with his glasses! Pfft!" And laughed up a storm. Thus, he's a teacher. Though a rather frail and weak one.

Gonna fix those legs later. =u=

Name: Daisuke Sato
» Nickname[s]: Four-Eyes - gave by Roman. Pfft. Give him some more?

» Gender: Male
» Age: 23
» Birthday: June 30th
»Sexual Orientation: Homosexual | Bottom (Added this in case people were wondering)

» Occupation: Teacher 

» Species: Zubat 
» Type: :iconpoisontypeplz:/:iconflyingtypeplz:
» Ability: Inner Focus 

» Moveset: Mean Look :iconnormaltypeplz: Confuse Ray :iconghosttypeplz: Astonish :iconghosttypeplz: Bite :icondarktypeplz:

(Haha, I picked these because he's a teacher. Get it? No? -sob-) 

Personal Information ]

» Nature: Timid 
» Characteristic: Often stutters and gets easily flustered

» Personality: Very shy and gentle. He has never raised his voice to anyone, adult or child. He is easily embarrassed, and often will stutter over his words and get frustrated. This is more or less around adults, he's always calm and composed around children.

» History: Daisuke grew up in a household of a single father and six children. He was the middle child (fourth eldest) and often had to deal with the yelling and fighting of his siblings. Because of this, this has made him extremely jumpy, and easily startled. This is also the reason why he never raises his voice to anyone; having to deal with loud yelling all the time where he grew up. Daisuke was often bullied during his school years, usually having his nose in any sort of book during his free time on school grounds. He was very frail and often pushed around/manipulated by the tougher members of the school. Because of this, he has severe trust issues with a lot of people. It takes him a lot to outwardly warm up to someone and show them a genuine smile. He aspired to be an elementary school teacher because of his bullying issue, and wishes to be there for kids in their time of need to give them a safe teaching environment. 

» Likes: Sweets, flowers, animals, immediate music, reading, anime, and writing. 
» Dislikes: Spicy food, yelling, fighting, heat, and bugs.

» Talents: He can somewhat moderately draw and sing.
» Flaws: He can't fight very well and because of his nervousness, he has very few friends.

Additional Information ]

» Extra[s]: He can't see anything without his glasses, so he rarely takes them off. 

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What sort of length do you prefer? I'm up for anything as long as it's above two sentences. =u=
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I'll have to do it over notes until I get my new computer on the 30th, since Skype overheats my computer on the current one and won't respond/always freezes.
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